Hello, my name is

Dominik Marczuk

I'm a software engineer, a fermentationist
and an amateur photographer.

Software Development

I'm a professional software engineer since 2010. I work on large scale business applications, with experience in the areas of medical research, advertising and telecommunications. I code mainly in Java.

I'm also a certified Professional Scrum Master I.

See my resume on LinkedIn.


I mainly photograph nature. I like macro photography, with flowers and insects being my favourite subjects. I also enjoy landscape photography, with a focus on woodlands.

I semi-regularly post my pictures on Flickr, Instagram and Vero

Vantage Point


I bake bread, brew beer and mead, make cheeses and yoghurts, pickle and ferment fruit and vegetables. I try to learn as much as possible about the microbiology and chemistry of my ferments to harness the microbes and optimise my recipes.

I also run a blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to fermentation.