First Visit to Lidzbark Warmiński

First Visit to Lidzbark Warmiński

It's the first but definitely not the last. I haven't had the chance to see everything I'd planned. Regardless, my recent trip to Lidzbark Warmiński was a moderate success.

On the technical side, my photographs were all taken with the RMC Tokina 28 mm f/2.8, with a circular polariser slapped onto it.

Unlike during my recent visit to Elbląg, this time the weather was Summer-like, with a cloudless sky and a scorching sun. This meant that there was a lot of contrast to deal with and the shadows were harsh. This is also one of the reasons why the polariser was an indispensable piece of kit; without it, I wouldn't have been able to make the sky appear as blue.

The first building on my route that caught my eye was a tall Gothic structure made from red brick. It's the High Gate (Wysoka Brama), one of the most recognisable buildings in the town. It looks like the windows were being replaced at the time I took the photo.

The High Gate

A few steps into the Old Town, an interesting church caught my attention. It was an Eastern Orthodox one, painted white, standing on a field stone foundation. The use of field stone is very typical for the region of Warmia. What was unusual about the church, apart from the colour, was that it was a wooden structure.

Eastern Orthodox Church

Stepping out of the Old Town, I passed next to a former fire station, built from red brick on a wooden frame. I'm not sure how much of a tourist attraction it is but I found it interesting.

Former Fire Station

On my way to the castle, I took a quick snap of St. Peter & Paul's Collegiate Church.

St. Peter & Paul's Collegiate Church

Circling the church, I passed the bridge over the river Łyna that leads to the inner square.

Bridge leading to the St. Peter & Paul's Church inner square

The penultimate stop on my short sightseeing route was the Bishops' Castle. It was too late to actually get inside and see the exposition but at least I took a few snaps of the outside.

Just before leaving the town, I went to check out Herkus Monte's Stone Circle, situated on the bank of the river Łyna. It is a circle of around 60 stones forming a sundial and it was founded by Herkus Monte's Knight Brotherhood.

Sadly, I wasn't able to see more. There are plenty of other places to see in Lidzbark Warmiński, so the town is on my radar for a revisit.